Regular Expression Text Search

For reasons, we are still using Windows XP, as you know the search functionality is really horrible. So we come up with this little application, Search Text, you can use it to find regular expression based text string fast. Click here to download.

Slides — Custom WordPress Development

This is the talk we presented in Socal Code Camp.Slides not available at this time, if you are interested in the custom wordpress development please contact us.

Slides — Best Practices with ASP.NET Ajax

This is the talk we presented in Socal Code Camp. You can download the presentation slide here.

Demo — Graphics Intensive Windows Form Application

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SqlCE 3.5 Management Studio

When we did the development with SqlCE 3.5 it was hard to find a tool like Sql2005 Management Studio. So we create our own. Not all of buttons work, but you can still use it to do the query and check database schema.  If you want to generate LINQ mapping code use the command below:

sqlmetal xxx.sdf /password:xxx /code:yyy.cs /context:xxxDBContext /namespace:Mynamespace /pluralize

Download SqlCE 3.5 Management Studio

Data Access Component for .NET 2.0

Simplify MS SQL data access and integrate SQL text tracing. It is based on the ideas published in the CoDe magzine here.

Download component here